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Mr. Smith on Washington

Need to Know has a guest this week, Brad Smith, or Bradley A. Smith, the former chairman of the Federal Election Commission. He not only knows a lot of facts — he knows, and supports, the right principles. (Not right-wing ones, just right ones.) He explains some of the strange doings of the IRS and other federal bodies in this Age of Obama.

Then, Mona tells a story about how the government can hamstring a charitable organization. Why do the people put up with this? When will they stop?

Also, we talk about Ted Cruz, the Olympics, opera, Ike’s Tree — which was killed by an ice storm the other day. Ike’s Tree was a pillar of Augusta National, the famed golf course in Georgia. The South has been experiencing some unusual weather. No doubt President Obama, Al Gore, and the New York Times have an explanation.

Speaking of the Times, Mona has some kind words for that paper. She has not gone heretical. She is actually giving credit where, amazingly, it’s due.

Listen to the program here.


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