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Ms. On The Battlefield

In case you missed it, an afternoon piece from Ramesh questions the women-essentially-in-combat reality provided by the Pfc. Lynch ordeal. Some, as Ramesh notes, have been complaining that reporters are calling her “Jessie” and inundating her case with coverage in ways they would never a male. The military is protecting her privacy in ways they would never a man. But then, she was probably tortured in ways a man would not be. The instinct to want to shield and protect a 19-year-old girl is a good one.A former military undersecretary on CNN last night (debating Elaine Donnelly) said that men are getting used to women in war situations, fighting beside them. They’re loosing their instinct to save the dame. And that would be a good thing? Kate O’Beirne writes more about the topic in the new issue of the DeadTree edition, asking what kind of country sends its mothers and teenage girls to war. (GOT NRODT? Subscribe, guys!) That we want to call her Jessie may just mean there’s still time to fix things—at least to debate it, as David Frum implores today.


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