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MSNBC Analyst: Zimmerman Is Peruvian-American, Not Hispanic

Toure, a liberal MSNBC analyst, argued today that George Zimmerman is Peruvian-American, not actually Hispanic, and that Republicans “are in their mansions because they don’t care” about the black community or black-on-black crime.

Toure explained that Republicans are “talking about black-on-black crime to block the conversation around a Peruvian-American, not a Hispanic, a Peruvian-American shooting a black man.” 

Toure continued a common liberal rhetorical tactic by comparing the shooting of Trayvon Martin to the brutal racist lynching of Emmett Till.

He also said that the real reason conservatives have even begun talking about the problem of crime in the black community is “to stoke white racial anxiety to bring more white people into the fort . . . to bring people to the polls.”


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