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MSNBC Contributor: Clarence Thomas ‘Symbolic Jew’ Siding With ‘Hitler to Commit Holocaust’ on His Own People

Clarence Thomas has betrayed the black community in a way similar to a Jew aiding the Nazis, said MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson.

On the network earlier this week, Dyson, a Georgetown professor, called the Supreme Court Justice “a symbolic Jew [who] has invited a metaphoric Hitler to commit Holocaust and genocide upon his own people” for striking down the Voting Rights Act. He lamented that the “very success that [black community’s] vigilance has won us has been used against us.”

Later, when discussing the consequences of the ruling, Dyson tried to explain the importance of the Voting Rights Act by questioning whether Southern states had moved past their Civil War-era attitudes towards minority voting. “We are now expected to believe, to trust them to police themselves,” Dyson said.

Via Mediaite.


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