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MSNBC Floats a Koch Brothers Conspiracy Theory posts an article by Media Matters researcher Ned Resnikoff which suggests that Americans for Prosperity, in an effort to foment conservative outrage, may have orchestrated the tearing down of its own tent. The video of that incident has been posted on this site and elsewhere

As evidence, Resnikoff cites the eyewitness account of union member Thomas Duckworth, who told MSNBC that he noticed a man wearing an NRA jacket and hat in the area of the AFP tent. Later, according to Duckworth, he saw the same man loosening the straps of the tent in an effort to bring it down. In a video interview, Duckworth says the man is wearing “an NRA baseball cap.” 

Resnikoff, the author of the piece, refers readers to this Breitbart video and notes that the suspicious man – wearing “an orange cap” — can be seen undoing one of the ropes holding up the tent. This hat, however, does not appear to be an NRA hat. It is definitely not a baseball cap. A screenshot of the man in question is below. 

Whatever the case, this seems like pretty thin gruel on which to base such a brazen allegation. 


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