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MSNBC Panel: Border Crisis ‘Katrina Moment’ for Obama

An MSNBC panel of prominent Washington reporters agreed that the Obama administration has poorly handled the ongoing border crisis, especially if the president chooses not to go to the border during an upcoming visit to Texas. One went so far as to compare it to the Hurricane Katrina disaster during George W. Bush’s presidency.

USA Today’s Susan Page said the president needed to take “tougher action” to take steps towards deporting the children coming over, particularly as the situation becomes “unacceptable to more than Republicans.”

When asked if President Obama should visit the border while on a fundraising junket in the Lone Star State, the Washington Post’s Dan Balz, the New York Times’s Carolyn Ryan, and Page all agreed that it would look bad if he didn’t visit. (The White House has repeatedly stated the president has no plans to go this week.)

Page likened to the situation to a natural disaster, calling it a “Katrina moment” for President Obama, while Ryan said it would seem “impossible” for Obama to skip a visit amid the crisis. Balz added that while he would be surprised if the president didn’t go, the situation is a “lose-lose” for President Obama due to his failure to act.

Via Washington Free Beacon.


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