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MSNBC Tweets Conservatives ‘Will Hate’ Biracial Family in Super Bowl Ad

On Wednesday, MSNBC tweeted a link to the story ​about an upcoming Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial familyby by saying that “maybe the rightwing will hate it.”

The ad, set to air during Sunday’s Super Bowl, is a follow-up to a previous Cheerios commercial that featured the same family. The article reports that the original ad “sparked a backlash” on social media, but seems to make an assumption about the critics’ political persuasions without offering any evidence.

MSNBC came under fire last month over a similar issue when a panel on Melissa Harris-Perry’s end-of-the-year show mocked Mitt Romney for having an adopted black grandson. Harris-Perry later apologized.

A few hours later, MSNBC tweeted that it was deleting the offensive tweet:


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