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MSNBC’s Bashir Fails to Get Guest to Call Palin Racist

Martin Bashir unsuccessfully tried to get his guest to say that Sarah Palin’s remark comparing the national debt to slavery was racist. The Majority Report’s Sam Seder avoided the set-up twice.

“Who is that destined for, that kind of remark?” Bashir asked the first time. While Seder took issue with the premise of Palin’s comment, he didn’t make any allusion to its harboring racist connotations. Bashir revisited the question, “But what about the slavery point?”

Seder still didn’t make a case for Palin’s remarks reflecting racist views, instead arguing that private debt creates a form of indentured servitude and that public debt actually helps relieve private debt. Bashir eventually moved on from the subject.

Via Mediaite.

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