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MSNBC’s Hayes Accuses Christie of Voter Suppression over Separate Special Election

Most liberals are pleased with Chris Christie’s decision to hold a separate election date for New Jersey’s Senate special election, which likely ensures a Democrat taking the seat in October, but MSNBC host Chris Hayes isn’t. He says the governor’s decision is a form of voter suppression.

Hayes argued that minority voters are more likely to show up for an election with Newark mayor Cory Booker, who is widely expected to be on the ballot for the Senate special election in October. Christie, Hayes’s argument goes, doesn’t want strong turnout from that group in his own election in November, which also determines the state legislature.

Instead, Hayes continued, Christie opted “to hold a special Cory Booker election, in which all the Cory Booker fans can go and get it out of their system” and “hopefully just stay home three weeks later.”

“People are used to voting on election days, not randomly assigned days,” Hayes said, calling turnout in special elections “criminally low.”

Looks like Dick Armey was right.

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