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Much Ado About Nothing

We had a little forewarning yesterday of this Howard Kurtz piece up today. I was yesterday and continue to be today more than a little shocked by the whole thing. Not that Bruce Stockler’s parody piece on freelancer angst that ran on NRO last week was a joke (you can read the piece for yourself here), but that the Washington Post is taking itself so seriously. Did the Washington Post think Stockler

really submitted a piece saying he was Jim McGreevey’s lover? I’m pretty sure there was no ice-cream truck either. (Read the Stockler and you’ll see what I mean.)

Stockler’s done some funny/cute pieces for us and other publications–including Ms. I mention Ms. to point out that so far as I know he is no knee-jerk hack who is out to get the MSM, for whatever that’s worth. As a freelancer (and in a recent book), he does humor–and he’s liberal about who he pokes fun at. You can laugh or not, but it seems obvious to me in this piece (no, there was no Apprentice-themed hurricane, as much as NBC/Trump might have tried to get one) as well as this piece (no, Peter Jennings didn’t quit) and this one too (Stockler isn’t really confessing Jews rule the world) which he has done for us.

The Washington Post is not laughing, and I humbly think that’s their loss, not our scandal.

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