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Into The Muck

Mrs Edwards is, of course, being deliberately obtuse. It seems pretty clear that the Cheneys are not ashamed about Mary Cheney’s sexuality. And nor should they be, of course. What wasshameful was the way in which Kerry used it to try and score a cheap point. We heard from Kerry last night, for example, about the importance that he attaches to the institution of marriage. Fine, but would it then have been appropriate for Bush to then make some comment (with all due unctuousness of course) about Kerry’s first marriage? Of course not.

If Mrs Edwards is being obtuse, that’s nothing compared with the ’senior Kerry aide’ also quoted in the story. Kerry’s comments were not inappropriate, she said. “The woman is in her thirties. She’s public about her sexuality. It was brought up in the last debate. So, what the hell?”

“It was brought up in the last debate.” Brought up by whom, I wonder.