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Mug Wars

Apparently there’s a competition among blogginghead guests revolving around coffee mugs. I found this over there:

The bloggingheads dueling mug tradition…

…gets subtler and more devious. Back in the day, the competition was above board and civil. Watch as Jeffrey Lewis and Jacqueline Shire earnestly claim supremacy for their rival mugs until one of them graciously concedes defeat. Or note Henry Farrell’s pre-emptive surrender to Mark Schmitt’s Nixonian entry. But in this week’s Chait-Goldberg diavlog, Jon Chait doesn’t even notify Jonah that the competition has begun; he just quietly flashes evidence that he’s important enough to have appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. So Jonah loses, and can take comfort only in the fact that at one point his criticism makes Jon take an extra large gulp from his C-SPAN mug.

Me: Oddly, BhTV coffee mug kremlinologists seem not to notice that my coffee mug is from NPR’s Morning Edition, for whatever that’s worth. Perhaps I displayed it too subtly as I did not know such a game was afoot.


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