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Mugabe’s Noble Challenger

Zimbabwe gained its independence in 1980. Since then, it has been ruled by one man: the dictator Robert Mugabe. At 93, he is getting ready to run again, in one of those sham elections.

Like most Zimbabweans, Evan Mawarire has never known any other leader. And today, he is a nightmare for Mugabe: a principled, moral, talented, brave critic.

Mawarire is a Christian pastor. Last year, he made a video, expressing love of country, and exasperation at the decades-long dictatorship. The video went viral in Zimbabwe. The pastor became a rallying point.

He was arrested, of course, and soon had to flee the country with his family. He has since returned (and been arrested again, of course).

This week, he managed to be at the Oslo Freedom Forum, in Norway. I sat down with him for a podcast: a Q&A, here. Evan Mawarire is an inspiring person to listen to, an inspiring person to know. He may even be president of his country one day.

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