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I’ve mentioned the Islamification of Russia in America Alone and NR, but it seems to be getting a wee bit more attention, even from governments. Eeva Nikkilä-Kiipula reports for the Finnish paper Aamulehti:

Muslimit saattavat tulevaisuudessa muuttaa merkittävästi Venäjän väestön koostumusta. Se on myös merkittävä haaste Venäjän sisäiselle vakaudelle ja sisäpolitiikalle, todetaan Suomen puolustusministeriön teettämässä julkaisussa Haasteiden Venäjä.

What’s that? You’d rather have it in English? Okay:

Muslims are changing Russia’s demographic composition, posing a major challenge to the country’s domestic politics and internal stability, says Finland’s Defense Ministry in its report Meeting The Challenges In Russia.

The last 20 years have seen major demographic changes in Russia.  At the beginning of the 1990s, there were 149 million people in Russia. By 2007 the figure was seven million less. The population is falling by around 400,000 per year.

But the situation is very different in parts of the country with a Muslim majority.  There the population is growing, and, for example, male life expectancy is significantly higher than in ethnic Russian areas.   If demographic trends continue in the same way, by 2015 the majority of Russian army conscripts will be Muslims. By 2020 20 per cent of all Russians will be Muslims. And three decades later they will be the largest part of the Russian population.

Since the Soviet Union broke up, the self-esteem and identity of Russia’s 20 million Muslims has intensified. In 1991 there were 300 mosques in the country. Now there are already over 8000. Most new mosques have been financed from abroad, by Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

There are now estimated to be about 60 Islamic schools in Russia, with some 50,000 pupils. There was not one Islamic school in 1991.

Aside from putting the mosque in Moscow, on the international scene Russia is already an observer-member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. There’s an alliance to look forward to.

(via Gates of Vienna)

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