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A Multibumper Shot

I got this e-mail from my syndicated column e-mail address. I think it speaks for itself:

Subject: Are your Pro Hillary because you are Pro-Israel? 

Mr. Goldberg.

Answer the subject line of the email honestly.  Although you probably aren’t capable.How do you justify demeaning Obama supporters, Obama, and Wright for their supposed slights, when you yourself hammer on Moyers with virtual sarcasm and disrespect without a second thought.  How come Moyers is fair game for everyone to pile on?  The guy has more journalistic merit in his little toe than you do in sum.

It’s a shame that the Israel Firsters(those that put Israel’s good before the good of the United States) are trying with all their might to sink Obama’s campaign, the first politician in years that could actually bring this country to its original vision.  You wouldn’t care so much about that vision, because I do not believe you care.  As long as we have a president which will allow Israel to continue to maim and kill Palestinians unfettered you will likely be content.


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