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Multicultural Madness

Of all the wounds that the left have inflicted on western thought in the last half-century, the grotesque and racist dogmas of multiculturalism must be among the worst. Prompted by Pim Fortuyn’s long overdue critique of the shambles that is modern Holland, the Dutch parliament has produced a report on their country’s three decade long experiment with multiculturalism.

The Daily Telegraph takes up the story:

“While the report praised most immigrants for assimilating and for doing well at school, it attacked successive governments for stoking ethnic separatism. The worst mistake was to encourage children to speak Turkish, Arabic or Berber in primary schools rather than Dutch. The report concluded that Holland’s 850,000 Muslims must become Dutch if the country was to hold together.”

That’s very true. But the proposed remedy – “cheap housing in the leafy suburbs” – won’t do the trick. The answer lies in getting rid of state-sponsored multiculturalism once and for all, without apology and without delay. It’s interesting to read, incidentally, that multiculturalism has led previous governments to sponsor some 700 Islamic clubs, including some under the control of the malicious and vicious pre-medievals who pass as clergy in some of Islam’s wilder reaches. That’s a disgrace, but I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised.

State-sponsored suicide is something of a Dutch speciality after all.