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Here’s a thought-provoking, and, in its conclusions, undeniably troubling, article by Will Cummins in the Sunday Telegraph, written in the aftermath of two by-elections in the UK. This extract is particularly striking:

“What was fascinating about Thursday’s by-elections in Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill was the extent to which the candidates of Britain’s main parties were prepared to appease the singular agenda of what has come to be called “the Muslim vote”. (In both constituencies, Muslims form roughly 20 per cent of the electorate, within an overall minority population of 30 per cent.) In Leicester South, the tribunal before which the intrepid candidates satisfied the Faithful was the “Friends of Al Aqsa” committee. They were questioned on the three issues that meant most to Muslims in this very deprived ward. Not health, transport or crime but “Palestine”, “Iraq” and “faith [read Muslim] schools”. Yvonne Ridley, the candidate for George Galloway’s Respect party, was at something of an advantage here, having been converted to Islam and kidnapped by the Taliban.”

What do Britain’s political parties think they are doing?


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