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Multiple-Abortions Epidemic in U.K.

Even old pro-life warhorses will find themselves stunned after reading this DailyMail article titled “I blanked out the emotions after each of my SEVEN abortions.” Angela Simmons, the “I,” isn’t alone:

This week’s figures released by Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo reveal how many modern women are using abortion, not as a last resort, but almost as a form of contraception.

Statistics show that last year 1,300 women had at least their fifth abortion. Almost 950 of those having a termination had already had four previously. Almost 200 had already had five, 110 had had six before and 54, like Angela, seven or more.

The ease with which such women are undergoing repeat abortions has led campaigners to argue that terminations are being approved all too readily — given for social reasons rather than because a pregnancy might pose a significant risk to a mother’s health or well-being.

There are fears as well about the emotional toll that multiple abortions may be taking on such women.

This week the Royal College of Psychiatrists warned that women may be at risk of mental breakdown if they have abortions.

Miss Simmons is the perfect example. She “tried to kill herself by overdosing on alcohol and painkillers and spent eight weeks in a psychiatric unit. And yet . . . the ease with which she was able to secure a fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh abortion with no proper assessment is astounding.

Indeed, she reveals that she went to the same abortion clinic for each of her terminations and claims she was offered only the most cursory of counselling before every one.



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