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Murry Bergtraum Students Fight Back

After students at New York City’s Murry Bergtraum High heard that their school had been labeled a ”fail factory,” they fought back with some examples of how well they are being educated. From the New York Post:

A junior wrote: “What do you get of giving false accusations im one of the students that has blended learning I had a course of English and I passed and and it helped a lot you’re a reported your support to get truth information other than starting rumors . . .”

Another wrote: “To deeply criticize a program that has helped many students especially seniors to graduate I should not see no complaints.”

One student said the online system beats the classroom because “you can digest in the information at your own paste.”

“Us as New York City Students deserve respect and encouragement,” one letter read. “We are the future of New York City and for some students, The future of the country.”

Students have insisted that being given full credit for not attending classes is not hurting them at all.

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