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Want to celebrate the liberation of Iraq? Like patriotic music? Interested in new independent artists? Then check out the superb new album by Eric Free. You can listen to the entire song on the website, where all lyrics are available. The first four songs mock tyrants around the world. Free sings, “There’s no God in old Bin Laden, Just the Devil grinnin’ there…Bin Laden, America is comin’ after you! You got no place to run or hide, Your killin’ days are through!…Them crazy Taliban hate women, Treat ‘em all like slaves. They bag ‘em up from head to toe, Can’t even show their face.” Kim Il-Jong gets a bluegrass treatment: “In old Pyongyang lives a little madman. He’s the only son of the old madman…He makes his people call ‘im dear, But it ain’t from love it’s out o’ fear. He kills ‘em if they gripe or jeer. If his name comes up they gotta cheer.” The title track “Saddam Insane” proclaims, “Saddam Insane, twisted brain, Gotta say g’bye to his evil reign! Sad Iraqis’ house of pain, Saddam, Saddam, Saddam Insane!” Inspiring songs such as “United We Stand,” “Flight 93,” “American Heroes (At Ground Zero),” and “America Will Win” celebrate American freedom, valor, and determination. The music, mostly country, is fun and the lyrics are witty, poignant, and erudite. Eric Free’s “Saddam Hussein” is a stunningly brilliant debut, and wonderful listening for everyone who rejoices in the victory of liberty.

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