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Mutts for Mitt

So there was a “dogs against Romney” protest at the Westminster show today, which by all accounts was attended by about five people and twice as many reporters. See, some people think that Romney’s decision, 20 years ago, to strap his Irish Setter (ensconced in a canine travel crate) to the roof of his station wagon during a family trip was an act of animal cruelty. Was it? Depends on the dog. I can certainly think of some dogs who would be terrified of such a prospect. Others — including pooches I have known who favor riding in the front seat with fully half their body out the open window, jowels aflap — would probably find it exhilarating. Anyway, TPM shares this picture from the event:

See that, folks? What Mitt should have done was zip his dog in a backpack and stick him with the rest of the luggage!


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