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My Al Haig Moment Cometh

Since it looks like Spain and Portugal may be the next to catch the financial rage virus taking over Greece, and since Rich and much of the National Review senior leadership are in Spain and Portugal this week for the NR cruise, I just want everyone to know that I am ready to seize the reins of power despite the fact that I am nowhere near the line of succession to the throne. I will  rule wisely, but sternly over my colleagues (particularly when it comes to those too keen to mention the aforementioned thing about the proper line of succession). You can call me the Goodluck Jonathan of NR.

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Capital versus Tucker Carlson

Advertisers do not advertise on Tucker Carlson’s show to endorse the views of Tucker Carlson. They advertise on his show for the same reason they advertise elsewhere: a captive audience — in Tucker’s case, the second-largest one in cable news — might spare thirty seconds of attention that will, they hope, ... Read More
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Are Your Sexual Preferences Transphobic?

Last year, a study exploring “transgender exclusion from the world of dating” was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Of nearly 1,000 participants, the overwhelming majority, 87.5 percent, irrespective of their sexual preference, said they would not consider dating a trans person, ... Read More