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My Blindness

From a reader:

Mary Cheney’s comment was a short-term political gaffe and if it costs Kerry

the election I would feel extremely depressed.

Now, if Kerry wins, his bringing up Mary Cheney’s gayness will surely make a

little more difficult for the Republicans to take on gays the way they are

doing this year.

I know, I know, your article was on Kerry’s political instincts, and you may

be right. Conceded. But for someone that constantly appeals to the

morality of this and that you seem particularly focused on your enemies’

(how else could I call them) flaws and totally blinded to your guys flaws.

For you not to have rejected in clear terms to the wave of homophobia that

your guys have unleashed throughout the country for clearly political

purposes is beyond anything. You are going to sh*t on this because

naturally you have the right to decide what things are outrageous to you and

what aren’t. But people can see through… I believe you are a smart and

insightful writer, but you could really spare us your sermons.

And sorry, what you guys on the right did to the Clintons is ignoble and