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My Blissful April, My Fascinating May

After watching seven games in October last year that seemed to last a couple of months I resolved not to pay any attention to early-season baseball again. It just seemed silly to get butterflies watching games in April when the Yankees “always” make the post-season. So I blissfully tuned out all the April panic in Yankeeland (how many times have the papers written dire “What’s wrong with Rivera” pieces before?). But now I’m fully engaged because the Yankee collapse is so interesting. This isn’t just following a team anymore, it’s the baseball equivalent of rubbernecking–a fascination with the compellingly awful. I can’t wait for Kevin Brown’s next start, or Tom Gordon’s next relief appearance, or Jason Giambi’s next at bat (has anyone ever hit .200 before and had a .400 on-base-percentage?). I can’t believe they are really this bad, but, then again, this may be–yes, Shannen–the final collapse of what’s left of the Yankee dynasty. Whatever happens, I’ll be watching–they’ve gotten my attention.


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