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My Boy Bill

Yep, just been reading the woman’s deposition in the Bill O’Reilly case.

There is all sorts of fishy stuff here. Her lawyer, Benedict Morelli, is

said to be a big Dem donor — but then, what trial lawyer isn’t?

Result-wise, I suppose the whole thing rests on whether she has tapes. If

she has, it’s bad for Bill. If she hasn’t, I think a fair assumption –

given what a hate figure O’Reilly is to the foam-flecked Left–is that

it’s all a shakedown.

The thing that strikes me most forcefully, though, is what a silly racket

this whole “sexual harassment” business is. The deposition claims that:

“Plaintiff sustained conscious pain and suffering, physical injury, great

mental distress, shock, fright, and humiliation.” “Physical

injury”? For goodness’ sake! Even if everything in this deposition were true, I can’t see why it would rise to the level of a tort. It would just — and I

repeat, this is EVEN IF it were all true — be a guy behaving obnoxiously.

When did women cease to be able to deal with that? The very few times I’ve

been obnoxious to women, they gave as good as they got, and then some. But

then, my pockets are barely an inch deep.

I must say, though, after reading this deposition, I shall never feel quite

the same way about falafel…