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“My” Catholicism Vs “Theirs”

From a reader:

You have an interesting take on God and morality because it is completely

contrary to the ideals of God and morality I and millions of people in

America believe in.

Probably, because you’ve been so influenced by the National Review’s

Catholic hardliners, you seem to believe that abortion and only abortion

matters. You question Kerry’s God talk because he says he is opposed to

abortion but won’t legislate against it. That’s a fair criticism.

My God and morality–as opposed to the Opus Dei version parroted by your

colleagues–also says capital punishment is immoral (esepcially executing

children), that poverty is immoral, that unjust war is immoral. Based on

those principles, a president who relished in having the highest execution

rate as governor while professing faith and waging an unjust war based on

crumbling evidence is incredibly immoral. The fact that more people live in

poverty today then they did four days ago seems like another strike to my

God and my morality.

So, let’s be honest. Bush courting religious voters while shaming God is as

reprehensible as Kerry arguing social justice while backing abortion. In

fact, it’s more immoral and vile.