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My Debate Drinking Game

I’m going to have a drink every time President Bush makes the moral or even practical case for a smaller government. Heck, I’ll even take generalizations about limited government at this point.

We know he’ll defend his tax cut with the line about keeping more of your own money. That’s always been the most understandable line but one that seemingly appeals first and foremost only to self interest. Therefore, I’ll also have a drink if he makes the point that money kept private tends to grow while private money taken public tends to shrink.

So, smaller government and the power of market investment = me in my cups. It will be almost as if Milton Friedman existed…..

John Hillen, a former assistant secretary of state, is the James C. Wheat Professor in Leadership at Hampden-Sydney College’s Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest, and a member of the NR, Inc. Board of Directors.


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