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My “Defense” of John Edwards

An e-mail in response to my Edwards piece:

One problem with the apologies that come from these ‘wayward’ men is that the confessions have little or no contrition in them. Gavin Newsome, the mayor of San Francisco near my home, came forward a few years ago with a statement in front of a bunch of reporters. He said something like: “First of all, it’s all true…” But the tone and demeanor was terrible. He didn’t seem sorry at all. He’s just unhappy he was apprehended. Similarly, John Edward’s claims of being 99 percent truthful also have a bad ring to them.

Imagine if Edwards had come out and said “I was wrong. I am sorry. I am leaving public life to get right with God and my family. This is my last interview” And then really went into retreat, taking his mistakes like a man and being an example of what is really important. So he can’t speak at the convention. I’d be worried about much more long-term campaign.


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