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My Email Policies

Jason in Kentucky writes:

Just curious. How do you pick which emails you post on the Corner? The primary reason I read the corner is your excursions into weighty issues of pop culture (and you can tell K-Lo). I crafted what I felt was a fairly humorous response to your Buffy/School of Rock/Matix posts this morning. However, you have only posted a handful of rather lame explanations. I’m not saying you had to post my email, but you can’t bring up such fascinating questions and then ignore them the rest of the day! I need some closure!!!

Me: I have no hard and fast rules. My decisions are based on a mixture of timliness, merit and mood. If you reply a day late to a Corner conversation, odds are you won’t make it because we’ve moved on (alas, this also goes for email I haven’t opened until the next day). Or, if you repeat what’s already been said — even if you say it better — I probably won’t post it. I don’t post names without explicit permission and even then I usually don’t for deeply complex reasons having to do with editorial considerations and the lunar tides. I’m also not a huge fan of having multiple responses between readers, largely because it requires me to be the traffic cop. Remember, lots of Corner readers only come once a day and lots of them come 20 times a day. That’s a hard audience to please. All emails with cash attached to the underside get posted.


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