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My Favorite Ny Dem Thinks Alito Is Neato

State Senator Ruben Diaz – a Bronx Democrat but a super pro-life minister who recently took Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton to task over the John Roberts’s nomination – put out this media advisory yesterday:

NYS Senator Reverend Diaz ready to rally for Judge Alito at Senator Schumer’s office – if need be . . . applauds President Bush’s the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the United States Supreme Court and expects New York’s Senators to vote for his confirmation.

In response to US Senator Charles Schumer’s opposition to Judge Alito’s nomination, Senator Diaz has promised to join with the New York State Hispanic Clergy Coalition and rally outside the office of Senator Schumer– if need be.

According to Senator Diaz, “It is unwarranted to tag Judge Alito, one of the leading jurists on our nation’s federal bench who was confirmed by a Democratic-controlled Senate, as a divisionist. Instead, it is the mindset of the divisionist to select someone who only supports abortion. The US Senators from New York State must not disregard their duty to represent organizations and citizens of our State. “

“It is important for Senator Schumer to know that the Hispanic community that he represents is not in favor of abortion as he thinks. If we have to conduct a demonstration at Senator Schumer’s office to make our point, I promise that he will never have seen so many people outside his office.”

This past September, Senator Diaz mobilized 150 Hispanic ministers to rally outside the Washington, DC office of US Senator Hillary Clinton to support the nomination of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court.


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