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This, My Friends, Is Why I Do It…


Just a note to let you know that after months of free-loading, I’ve finally subscribed to NRO Digital. What finally spurred me to action was a series of meetings with my local high school’s Young Republicans. My sister is one of the sponsors, and asked me to help them prepare for their upcoming debate with the school’s Young Democrats. (She said something about “a mouthy, opinionated lawyer being the best shock treatment,” but never mind that).

In helping them get their facts together in various issues, I found myself constantly referring them to NRO. The war in Iraq? Victor Davis Hanson has some great stuff on NRO. The economy? Larry Kudlow has written some helpful articles recently on NRO. Gay marriage? Gotta read Stanley Kurtz on NRO.

So, I decided that, if I find it such an indispensable resource, it’s time to turn my valeity into tangible support. (And where else but NRO can I learn a word like valeity? I only hope I’m spelling and using it correctly, since I can’t find it in any of my dictionaries.)

And now she gets, essentially two for the price of one–she gets NR paper in her home, and all the different, varied content on NRO, everyday, throughout the day…all the while knowing she’s putting her money where her eyes are set to.