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This, My Friends, Will Do Much More Than Showing Up at the Catholic Prayer Breakfast Friday

From our friends at Morning in America: Last night, Chris Matthews (at Villanova) asked McCain if he’d put a Pennsylvania hero (Tom Ridge) (smattering of applause) on the ticket or if his abortion views would preclude that. McCain said he respected Ridge but it would be “difficult,” (huge applause).  Matthews pressed as to why that one issue is such an issue and McCain said because he was committed to the rights of the unborn (huge applause again). He went on and emphasized the point about the rights of the unborn being an important one to him, then lauded the American ability to disagree on even important issues …

The one thing about the unborn that John McCain should be asked to elucidate — and maybe Catholics for McCain are the ones to ask him to — is his position on federal funding of embryonic-stem-cell research. He can’t fully say he is concerned about protecting the rights of the unborn without taking another look at this issue. 


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