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My Honorary Degree

I’m still not sure about mine, but about the Roberts one….a reader points out:

Ms. Lopez, in response to UI’s decision to not honor Chief Justice Roberts with an honorary law degree because it was ‘premature’, it apparently was not deemed premature to give Ruth Bader Ginsburg the same honor a mere year after her appointment. From the News Gazette ( In 1994, for example, the university gave an honorary degree to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who rededicated the UI College of Law building that year.

Another reader points out:


A little research I just did shows that David Dorris, who doesn’t find Justice Roberts particularly accomplished, is also a huge Democratic donor. He was appointed to the University of Illinois board of trustees after he donated $83,000 to the Democratic governor’s campaign. He’s donated thousands, often at the $2000 limit, in recent years at least to Obama (for Congress) and Kerry (for President), and to the various available accounting classifications so he can give even more. Finally, he is also a “personal injury lawyer”; or what most of us call an “ambulance chaser.” Sounds to me like he’ll never be impressed with Justice Roberts—he just disingenuously denigrated the man because Dorris is a partisan Democrat.An honest man could at least admit his prejudices instead of talking down the chief justice.

UPDATE: An Illinois grad adds:

In fairness, the University of Illinois is probably a little wary of honoring any “Chiefs” these days.


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