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My Impossibly Glamorous Hollywood Life

The Summer TV Press Tour 2005 that Tim Graham’s post referenced below ended last night (at least the ABC portion, anyway) with a big party at some place in West Hollywood called The Abbey, and I was invited in my capacity as the executive producer of a successful sitcom that no reporter in the world wants to write about.

Several observations: it’s hard to eat when its too dark to see the food. I took a glop of something that I only later discovered was green. (Wasabi mashed potatoes, not bad.) The New York Times’ Bill Carter is a very nice man. There is a sitcom writer taller than I am (Jeff Greenstein, 6′7″, also very nice.) Heather Graham is pretty, Eva Longoria is tiny, and whatever it is that happened to Nicolette Sheridan’s face, um, hasn’t gone away. I met TV Gal, who is very refreshing because unlike many critics she legitimately loves TV. We talked about the slightly strange world of online punditry.

She has received several marriage proposals from e-mailers.

A loud, crowded party like that is really not my thing, mostly because of the “Are You Famous?” syndrome. People stare at you, ask themselves that question, then realize the answer is no and turn away in something like disgust. I do it, too; you can’t help it in a room with 30 actual famous people and a raft of those who might be famous soon.

My friend Suzanne Martin created a new show for ABC called “Hot Properties,” which has some pretty racy subject matter. The first question she got from the TV critics was “Why is your show so dirty?”

Last night, she sighed and confessed to me that she really wished they’d let her do the show she pitched first — about a minister.

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