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My Latest Email From Nancy Pelosi

I love this stuff:

Dear Jonah,

We wanted to send a special thank you to the thousands of dedicated Democrats like you who entered for a chance to join President Obama and me in Washington, D.C.  I want to congratulate Lola from California who was chosen as our lucky winner.

Your inspiring generosity and unwavering commitment will help us being about the much-needed change that our country deserves.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares our ideals.

On Monday night, former Speaker Newt Gingrich stood in front of 2,000 corporate power brokers and other well-heeled Republican campaign contributors and proclaimed that President Obama has “already failed” in his mission of bringing change to America. 

Well, you and I know President Obama has not failed.  Far from it.

Gingrich’s appearance brought in more than $14 million for Republican efforts to oppose President Obama’s agenda.  Gingrich has joined other Republican Party leaders such as Rush Limbaugh in their hope the President fails in his effort to bring change to Washington.

We all know our tireless efforts to rebuild our economy, reform health care, strengthen American security and tackle climate change have to overcome the Republican Party of No, which determined to obstruct and undermine the President’s agenda and hold America back.

Democrats reject Republican calls to return to the failed policies of the past.  We stand with President Obama as we look to a brighter, more hopeful and prosperous future.

Right. Because those evil “corporate power brokers” are nowhere to be found as Obama nationalizes banks and takes over health care and the auto industry. Nothing but Joe Sixpacks for as far as the eye can see.


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