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I have been invited to testify before the Constitution Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee at a hearing on “Legal Threats to Traditional Marriage.” The hearing will be held tomorrow, Thursday, April 22, at 2:00 p.m., and will be chaired by Congressman Steve Chabot (R-Ohio). My testimony will preview my upcoming project–an account of the fate of marriage in the Netherlands in the wake of the successful decade-long campaign there for gay marriage. In my testimony–and soon in a more detailed follow-up publication–I will show that gay marriage has undermined marriage in the Netherlands. This is notable for two reasons. First, the situation of the family in the Netherlands makes it possible to isolate the causal effects of gay marriage with particular clarity. Second, in the Netherlands we now have full and formal same-sex marriage, rather than simply marriage-like registered partnerships. The full version of my case, which I will publish in the not too distant future, will add considerable evidence and argument to the relatively brief account of the situation in the Netherlands that I will offer in my testimony. Yet my oral–and especially my written–testimony will convey the broad outlines of my soon to be published case. The hearing will be webcast live here. And afterwards a record of the webcast and of the written testimony should be available here.


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