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Top email so far this morning, from reader Fred Bartlett: “Since you also

know a little (or a little about) Georgian, I’m surprised you didn’t mention

Repentance, which is a mildly surrealistic movie about a Stalin-like

dictator from 1984. Directed by Tenqiz Abuladze and starring Avtandil

Makharadze and Zienab Botsvadze. The title makes it a great movie to watch

on Ash Wednesday. It’s in Georgian with English subtitles — though every

video guide I’ve ever looked it up in has claimed that it’s in Russian. The

poor Georgians just don’t get any respect. Incidentally, did you know that

the Georgian for ‘Hello!’ (gamarjoba) is etymologically related to

’Victory!’ (gamarjveba)? Do you suppose we should adopt that? Especially

when greeting French folk?”


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