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Belatedly here are my favorite baseball moments (in contrast to the lame picks during the World Series, especially the Cal Ripkin breaking Lou Gehrig’s record, which was one of the great cheese-fests of all time):

1) Bucky Dent’s home-run in the 1978 play-off against the Red Sox. Nothing is sweeter than watching that kind of dramatic game when you’re 10 years old.

2) Mookie Wilson’s ground-ball through Bill Buckner’s leg—absolutely unbelievable.

3) Kirk Gibson’s World Series homer. Storybook. Who hasn’t imagined as a kid hitting a game-winner in similar circumstances?

4) This is more Yankee-centric even than usual—but Jim Layritz’s three-run homer to tie game 4 of the 1996 World Series. I’ve never rooted so hard during any game in my life.

5) Tennessee Titans (my NFL team) kick-off return to beat the Bills in the play-offs a few year ago. Ok, it’s football, but the play was called the “homerun throwback.”


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