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My Npr Mistake

Williams does mention Hillary — only to dismiss the “sensational” one as unlikely — but not Bill “Live Via Satellite” Richardson. Here’s the text. Listen here.

“At the top of a very short vice presidential list is John Edwards. I think Democratic voters and the political establishment here in Washington believe Edwards has earned the right to be high on that short list….Then you gotta think strategically. Senator Evan Bayh might bring Indiana and Ohio with him. Congressman Dick Gephardt might bring Missouri and Ohio. Senator Bob Graham might bring Florida. Governor Ed Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania, might bring that state. There’s been some talk about Hillary Clinton. Obviously she’s a sensational political figure, but so far no indication she wants it.”

I would think the Congressional Black Caucus gang could still be upset with Juan, who can’t find a credible non-white wild card to get the buzz going among the NPR crowd.

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