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There was an episode of Cheers where the gang goes bowling. Norm ducks into the bowling alley bar and the regulars there all shout “Norm!” When Norm returns to the Cheers gang, they ask what was up with that. He says, “I do have a life you know” — or something like that. Well, I have another “life” as a syndicated columnist. I get very different email over there, because my syndicated column appears in newspapers around the country and hence is read by more liberals and the like than NRO (NRO has lots of liberal readers, but most of them tend to be people genuinely interested in reading the other side’s point of view).

Anyway, my column on the DNC layoffs appeared in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer. Here’s a typical response:

Dear Right Wing Propaganda Tool,

What a joke you are maligning the DNC, lame as it may be, about reverse racism (the DNC 10). Let’s not forget, YOUR party is the party of Trent Lott, Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, etc. etc. YOUR party just got Sonny Perdue elected in Georgia on the promise of reinstating the Confederate Battle Flag. YOUR party got black voters DROPPED FROM THE ROLLS to elect Bush in 2000. YOUR party does not have one African-American representative in congress nor a senator. YOUR party uses code words like “state’s rights” to get out the southern white racist vote.

Using your ill-gotten Inquirer platform to harangue the DNC about racism is so typical of the blistering, festering HYPOCRISY that makes up right wing ideology. At some point people will see through it, and you and your kind will be exposed as the liars you know you are.


[Name withheld]


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