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From the in April: “Kerry wins 10 states. It ain’t gonna be close.”

On C-SPAN last week I made it “Kerry wins 10 states, plus Hawaii (I kept missing it because it’s always stuck in a corner on every map)”.

Electoral vote: 367 Bush, 171 Kerry.

However, the popular vote is going to be tight. Bush maxes out at 51% by losing the popular vote overwhelmingly in NY, CA, IL, and MA and winning the swing states of FL, OH, PA and the rest of the Great Lakes region by a whisker.

Will the Dems still litigate this election in close states if there’s no chance of winning the White House? If it will undermine the president’s ability to lead, and continue to feed Kerry’s race-baiting myth that a million black voters were disenfranchised in 2000–absolutely.

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