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My Tax Dollars Ar Work — Really!

May God forgive me for all the unkind things — all right, abusive &

insulting things — I have said about government employees.

At 5:40 pm — note that time! — I got a phone call from a lady at the Dept.

of Labor EBSA (Employee Benefits Security Administration), New York office.

She was sympathetic and helpful way beyond the call of duty, looked up the

offending firm on her database, told me they already have an open review on

them (i.e. I am by no means the first person to complain), and gave me

detailed instructions on how to add my own complaint to the pile.

Bless you, Ma’am. As penance, though I cannot bring myself to stop writing

your employer as the “feddle gummint,” in future I shall at least capitalize

it: “Feddle Gummint.” There.

So let’s see: I have a small private firm displaying gross incompetence and

irresponsibility, and a gummint — sorry, Gummint — department acting with

despatch and consideration after working hours. Does not compute does not