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“Nah, We Straight”

A Politico reporter talks about Obama’s ability to “speak black” covertly without alienating white audiences, and compares it to Bush’s use of evangelical “code words” that (thanks to Mike Gerson) signaled his “in-groupness” to evangelicals without alienating the mushy middle.

All true. But in the middle there’s this weird tidbit:

Bush used phrases lifted from church hymns and the Bible to signal an affinity for like-minded Christians. The phrase ‘culture of life,’ became part of the political lexicon when Bush used it weeks before the 2000 election — it was a less political, more evangelical version of ‘pro-life.’

“Culture of life” is an evangelical code word? Memo to Politico: Get your right-wing anti-abortion religious groups straight. There aren’t that many, really. Consider tuning into the Pope once in a while. Only a billion or so Catholics in the world, is it really that hard to keep up with the lingo?

Of course, I speak as a suburban white girl to whom “Nah, we straight” would not mean much.