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Nailing The Yale Corporation

The latest from Clint Taylor, a founder of NailYale:

“Yale has refused to acknowledge that its decision to admit an official of the Taliban….[T]he University releases only minimal information and instructs even its tour guides not to answer questions on the subject….Yale is accountable to its trustees who make up the Yale Corporation.

“The Taliban’s misogyny ran so deep that they would chop the fingernails from women who dared to wear nail polish. Please join me in sending to the members of the Yale Corporation [the university’s board of trustees] red cosmetic fingernails, as a reminder of the brutality of the Taliban regime whose minister their university has welcomed to American soil.

“The Yale Corporation meets [later in] April. Here is a list the Corporation members….”

Peter Robinson — Peter M. Robinson is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

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