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A Name in Orbit

In Impromptus today, I present a great name: Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer. She is an academic adviser in Wisconsin. A reader writes,

You have brought to mind an event in 1989 (or thereabouts). A friend, a midwife nurse, conveyed to my wife how she had just delivered a baby whom the parents named Sputnik Neon Television — their surname being Russia. Later my children were classmates of this boy at their primary school. Moments ago I sent a text message to my daughter to confirm my memory of the event and name. Indeed she still occasionally bumps into Sputnik around town.

Yeah, but that doesn’t beat Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer. Such an American name. Marijuana is more common here than apple pie — at least it was in my high school. (In fact, I didn’t see any apple pie there.) And Pepsi . . . And Sawyer, that Mark Twain name . . . String them together, and you get red, white, and blue, basically.


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