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Naming Strategies

An e-mail:

K Lo

It seems to me that if our side of the struggle has a name for its efforts in the election (operation chaos), then we should make sure there is a name for the other side’s efforts as well.  Of course, by the other side I am thinking of MSNBC, CNN, NY Times and the rest of the MSM, all the George Soros funded organizations (Center for American Progress etc), and the Hollywood left…

Let’s call their effort “Operation Coronation”.  Every time Chris Matthews’ leg tingles, every time the NY Times puts on the front page a thinly sourced story about McCain’s affair with a lobbyist, every time a George Soros funded 527 organization runs an attack ad, it will be “Operation Coronation” in action….

It’ll stick, because you can’t get a more accurate description than that…


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