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Nancy Pelosi and ‘Science’

Virtually everything Nancy Pelosi utters in this clip about the bipartisan relief bill is untrue.

I’m relatively certain that not one person, much less “people,” in Congress has said: Hey, “I’m faith-oriented so I don’t believe in science.” No group has a monopoly on quackery, of course, but this is just a caricature of social conservatives. I’m also quite confident that Pelosi, who believes life begins whenever a woman decides on a case-by-case basis, isn’t any more concerned about genuine “science” than her conservative colleagues. Not that “science” alone – stripped of moral, ethical, legal concerns – should drive public policy, anyway. People who throw around the word “science” in this way are typically preening or appropriating the word for some ideologically motivated cause.

But the topper is hearing Pelosi jump from asserting that Republicans have done nothing but intentionally spread the virus to reach “herd immunity” to saying, “now we have a vaccine,” as if the White House hadn’t implemented Operation Warp Speed with the intention of speeding up discovery, production, and distribution.

Granted, government gets too much credit for the COVID vaccine accomplishment. Pfizer or Moderna would have dumped billions of dollars into the development of the vaccine with or without state help. It’s a fact that the profit motive saves lives. What the government did do is loosen restrictions that allowed fast tracking of the drug, hopefully saving thousands of lives. So how about reforming an FDA that take 15 years to work out how to deregulate frozen cherry pies? For science.


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