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Nancy Pelosi: GOP Is ‘E. Coli Club’

The GOP should put support for E. coli on the party’s platform.

This video shows Nancy Pelosi railing against conservative ideology, which she characterized as, “We shouldn’t have a government role, so reduce the police, the fire [presumably, she means fire-fighters], the teachers.” Pelosi says she says to conservatives who espouse these views, “Do you have children who breathe the air? Do you have grandchildren who drink water?” So, in Nancy Pelosi’s world, firefighters, police, and teachers ensure the safety of our air and water . . .

I’ve commented on the tendency for liberals like Rachel Maddow and President Obama to argue against non-existent GOP anarchists. Liberals’ insistence on building up these strawmen shows how thin their arguments against conservative ideas truly are. But this gem from Mrs. Pelosi surely takes the cake. I mean, E. coli? Really?


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