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Does Nancy Pelosi Know Something?

​​If she doesn’t, her announcing in the Washington Post that she doesn’t think Trump should be impeached seems rather odd. Her credentials as a member of the #Resistance are already being questioned by the younger, more progressive wing within her party, and, if the rumors are to be believed, we are now just days away from Robert Mueller releasing a report that, we are told, will do Trump in. Why, if not to soften the blow, would Pelosi choose this week to come out against removing the president? If I squint I suppose I can imagine some ingenious 3-D chess strategy by which Pelosi bolsters a subsequent pro-impeachment position by saying that, having once been against, she has now, regrettably, been “forced” into support. But . . . well, that doesn’t quite strike me as her style. If she knows nothing at all, to set up a hostage to fortune of this import would be politically reckless, and could even precipitate the end of her speakership. I have to wonder if she’s signaling something.



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