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Pelosi ‘Very Excited’ about the Republicans’ Attempt to Revive Ex-Im

I think this tells you all you need to know about today’s Republican party:

Pelosi told reporters Thursday that Democrats would support the effort if Republicans can round up the numbers.

“Let’s see what the Republicans put on the table, but I think this could be very hopeful,” Pelosi said Thursday. “It will be really important for us to see how many signatures Republicans have on the discharge petition.” She continued, “We’ll have an overwhelming vote if they bring the bill to the floor but we want to see what number they have. I’m excited about it. If the Republicans have enough people on their discharge position then we will join in and go from there. I’m optimistic that they will from what I hear from the other side.”

Republicans’ and Democrats’ working together to bring back a crony program that mostly benefits giant corporations, against the will of a majority of Republicans, including most of those in leadership positions? Nancy Pelosi has good reasons to be excited. 


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